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  • Leisure license LK0 (LK = performance class)

The leisure license (LK 0) is suitable for all horse owners and leasure riders. You get the license without any riding stage (RA) and exams at an FLSE association. The leisure license is valid for 1 year and must be applied  each year, resp. be renewed. If you are not yet registered at the FLSE, please fill in the pdf form request on a first license and send it to the FLSE.       

  • WBO competition license LK7 (WBO from german Wett Bewerbs Ordnung, a rulebook for small and beginners competitions)

The LK7 competition license is for all WBO riders who have not yet passed a riding stage RA, but want to compete in the class E, resp.  in youth rider classes or leading reins classes.

As well as for all western and distance riders, this license may be used. You get the license without RA (riding stage)  at an FLSE association. The WBO competition license is valid for 1 year and must be applied  each year, resp. renewed. If you are not yet registered at the FLSE, please fill in the pdf form request on a first license and send it to the FLSE.       

  • Competition License LK6-1 

The requirement for the annual competition license LK6 is the riding stage RA5 (see riding stage explications). With the LK6 you can start in equestrian competitions, dressage and show jumping class E and A * / A **.  You need LK5 for competing  dressage and jumping  classes A * to L, and therefor you must be in possession of the riding stage RA4.

Upgrading from LK5 :

Due to recent aplacments (automatic classification at the end of the competition season), due to verifiable past successes, due to riding stages, or due to instructor exams. The competition license is valid for 1 year and must be applied  each year, resp. renewed. If you are not yet registered at the FLSE, please fill in the pdf form request on a first license and send it to the FLSE.

First License2019-03-12T13:02:12+01:00

Prerequisite for a license is the membership in a FLSE attached association for which you are willing to compete. You will find the “request on first license” on our website www.flse.lu under FORMS and send once to your association choosed, and one to the FLSE.

At the same time transfer the membership fee to the association and the license fee to the FLSE. After that done, you will receive the access data and password for the LOG IN in NEON via e-mail. All tournaments in Luxembourg and Germany must be entered via the FN-Notation-Online-Procedure (NEON) www.fn-neon.de See further explanations in ENTRIES. In the NEON profile, you also receive your annual tournament license certificate for the LK0 leisure license.

renewal of your competition or leasure license2019-03-13T12:39:08+01:00

In  www.fn-neon.de you can conveniently renew your license for the next year under User profile via the menu item Annual competion license after december, 1st. The status of your application and further details can be viewed at any time under this menu item. In order to receive the renewal of the license, you must pay the membership card from your association and the license fee from the FLSE. The FLSE unlocks your license after verifying the payments. All riders receive their license certificate, resp. annual competition license  via FN-NeON.

change of your association2019-03-13T12:54:29+01:00

At the renewal of your license  you can make a change of your association. The confirmation of the membership is done by the  manager of the new association. See also special conditions on www.flse.lu.


The presentation at the Medico is mandatory before your first competition license (LK7 riders are not affected). Is the rider younger than 7 years, the examination by the Medico gets only mandatory at the date the rider gets his 7 years.

Jumping riders, eventing riders, endurance riders and vaulters must present themselves at  the Medico on a regular term.

Dressage riders, drivers and western riders must just once in their life time procceed at  the Medico (prior to their first competition license). All riders who have a competiton license and this year  achieve the age of  7 – 12 – 15 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 45 – 50   must renew their Medico.

FLSE Bank account2019-03-13T13:04:38+01:00

LU30 0022 1520 2740 0000


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Competition Horse Registration2019-03-12T13:08:55+01:00

All horses that compete at national or international competitions must be registered at the FLSE.

The new registrations and owner changes of a horse are processed in the office of the FLSE, please bring the owner certificate,  or another other proof along.

All forms see: www.flse.lu FORMS. The horse update may be done via FN-NeON www.fn-neon.de and payment with indicating the name and life number to the FLSE.

! PLEASE NOTE: Will not be charged automatically via NEON.

change of ownership2019-03-13T13:39:07+01:00

The change of ownership can be done at the FLSE by completing the form “changing the ownership of a horse” (www.flse.lu FORMS) and bringing the equine passport personally at the FLSE. The same applies to name changes.

Pony measurements2019-03-13T13:43:29+01:00

A pony does not mean pony at different competitions. Different sizes mean a different classification of ponies. Registration of competition ponies requires a measure certification. For this purpose, a measurement prepared by the veterinarian must be sent to the FLSE.

The following pony sizes are existing:

K-ponies: up to 127 cm,

M-ponies: 128-137 cm,

G-pony’s 138-148 cm (149 cm with iron).

Certification certificate must be submitted by the age of 7 years.


Please discuss the vaccinations status of your horse with your veterinarian before your first competition. Remember:  vaccinations must be repeated at a 6 months term. Checks of horse passports are mandatory at every competition.

Prices of the horse registrations2019-03-13T13:50:02+01:00


Guest License for Foreigners2019-03-12T13:17:32+01:00

If foreign riders, drivers, vaulters want to compete in national competitions in Luxembourg, they need a guest license. They receive this after their presentation of a written consent of the federation of their home country. There are 2 different guest licenses possible:

1. the annual guest license (125 €) and

2. the one tournament guest license (25 €).

The annual guest license must be requested at the FLSE by  a form and the one tournament guest license must be requested at the tournament organizer at the closing date of the event.

This does not apply to german riders. The riders from Germany enter the tournament as usual by NEON.

Competing abroad2019-03-13T13:55:51+01:00

If Luxembourg riders want to compete with a guest license at national competition abroad (except Germany: all competitions in Germany can be entered as used  via NEON), they must obtain a starting permisson from the FLSE. The fees of 15 € will be charged. Here it is sufficient to send a formal written request via the form www.flse.lu with indicating the desired discipline and the desired country . The national annual competition license and horse registration must be valid for the corresponding year. Once you have obtained a starting permisson, you must apply for a guest license in that country.


WBO Competitions2019-03-12T13:34:14+01:00

Also WBO competitions with LK7 and LK6 participants must be entered via www.nennung-online.de. The participants can also enter non-registered horses. Late entries are also possible for WBO tournaments, but only with the agreement of the organizer. No late fees will be required. Horses do not need to be registered as competition horses at the FLSE for these WBO tournaments, but they must have an equine passport with correct vaccinations.

Competition Entries for Luxembourg and Germany2019-03-12T13:47:24+01:00

All competitions have to be enteredvia the FN-Notification-Online-Procedure (NEON) www.fn-neon.de. This system allows athletes or their executives to enter quickly, easily and paperlessly and survey them.

The competition calendar gives you quick information about current events. You can also create a personal horse list and enter your horses at tournaments. In order to use these and other functions, you must register at the FLSE via an association registered in Luxembourg.

By your demand for a license you will receive a password by email and you can log in to NennungOnline and use all functions. Help for NEON can be found at Downloads FLSE www.flse.lu.

Entries should be sent by the deadline. If this is not the case, the entry is considered as a late entry. These are only accepted with the agreement of the organizer. The fees for starting place-, participant-, horse supplement can be found in the LPO (German Rule Book). In order to simplify a late entry on site at the show office, we recommend to take a proof of your annual license / horse registration from www.fn-neon.de. This proof can be found and printet out  in your USER PROFILE of Neon under NACHWEIS DER JAHRESTURNIERLIZENZ / PFERDEFORTSCHREIBUNG

Payment of the LPO and WBO entries2019-03-12T13:56:38+01:00

The payment of the required entry fees and other fees is made automatically by a standing order in the FN-NEON system. You must specify your correct bank account in the FN-NEON / Profil / Bankverbindung / Neu  before your first competition entry.


Performance Classes2019-03-12T14:03:54+01:00

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Riding Stages in Luxembourg2019-03-12T12:36:49+01:00

The new riding stage system offers every athlete a suitable offer. Sport associations and Clubs companies can offer tailor-made courses to their members. Brandnew is the fact that  everyone can test his riding skills in small steps. Anyone who has passed a RA (riding stage) is motivated and is guided in smaller steps to higher requirements, in fact to  the RA of the next higher level. Proper handling of horses and good horse riding – this is what the ten new riding stages stand for, which accompany your training in equestrian sport. With the RA’s you can further develop and document your  riding skills in all age and performance classes. The RA 10 to 6 can be repeated in any order and as often as you like. From the RA 5 the order of the riding stages is given. The “Basispass” (basic stage) or RA 7 and 6 are required to pass the RA 5. At least three months must pass between the test before the next RA can be achieved so that the competitor can prepare for the requirements. Before each RA exam, each rider must attend a preparatory course. The preparatory course must be held by a course leader recognized by the FLSE (seeour published list). The preparation for the RA exam does not have to be done in one entire course. The participant can also complete the Modules Dressage, Jumping and Theory seperately but must proof the preparation by the different course instructors.


Competing for Luxembourg2019-03-12T12:38:07+01:00

To participate in international tournaments, your competition horse needs an international horse passport of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI). Exceptions are regulated in the respective schedule of the tournament. FEI registrations will only be made if your national annual tournament license is renewed and the national horse validation has been properly paid for the current year.

FEI passport2019-03-12T12:35:41+01:00

The Fei Pass is also valid at national tournaments. The national equine passport can easily be converted into an international FEI passport. Important and necessary for this is the correct drawing of the horses outline diagram in the passport and that the horse has been microchiped.


Before you start an international tournament, please consider an prior visit to the FLSE. Here the national equine passports are converted as quickly as possible into a FEI passport. The FEI passes are valid for 4 years and can be renewed at any time at the federation in charge.

FEI Registration2019-03-12T12:35:03+01:00

In addition to the FEI pass, the rider and horse also need an FEI registration. With this registration, the ridedr admits the regulations of the FEI. The registration must be renewed annually. To check if your registration for the current year is valid, you can use the following link:


Rider: Go to PERSON and enter either your FEI number or your last name.

Horse: Go here HORSE and enter either the FEI passport number or the horse’s name.


If the green tick is to the left of the name, the registration is ok.

However, if the orange exclamation point appears, there is NO registration for the current year.

FEI Entry2019-03-12T12:34:21+01:00

To start at an international tournament, you must first fill out the form  at the FLSE webpage using the “ENTRY FEI COMPETITIONS” (found under the FORMS on www.flse.lu). The starting permit for the requested tournament will then be given by the responsible commission and the responsible national coach. If this has been granted, the FLSE will register the riders and horses on the requested competition.

By handing in the entry form, the rider accepts the conditions stipulated in the invitation  and accepts to pay the nominal and stable fees, even if the cancellation is justified, if the organizer requests so.

Each rider is responsible for  transport formalities and this in time.

The current veterinary and medication regulations can be found at www.feicleansport.org and www.nada-bonn.de.

If a named rider can not  start, a cancellation must be made immediately. For short-term cancellations, a veterinary / medical certificate may be required from the organizer. If the athlete is not deregistered, severe sanctions are also threatened by the FEI.


Each rider is himself responsible for reservationof his accomodation.